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Streamline your content creation with Content OS, a comprehensive Notion system designed for bloggers, influencers, and social media managers.
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Content OS


Content OS is the ultimate Notion toolkit for content creators looking to simplify their workflow. Whether you're a blogger, social media expert, or influencer, this system offers everything from an all-in-one dashboard to publishing schedules and content tracking. It addresses the common challenge of staying organized across all stages of content production, making it easier to manage contacts, sponsorships, and affiliate partnerships.

Content OS

Short Description

The Ultimate Tool for Content Creators

Content OS is a Notion setup ready for you to organize, write, and grow your social media content.

Who should use this?

It's designed for anyone creating content, like bloggers, social media pros, influencers, or any group or individual regularly posting online.

What issue does it solve?

The main problem Content OS tackles is keeping the content creation process organized and efficient. With so many steps from start to finish, it's easy to lose track.

How does it help?

Content OS turns Notion into a central spot for making content. You can find inspiration, oversee your content from the idea stage to posting, handle your contacts, and keep tabs on sponsorships and partnerships.

This tool makes the whole process smoother and helps creators get more done.

What do you get?

- Central Dashboard
- Schedule for Posting
- Content Tracking
- Calendar for Content
- Personal CRM
- Tracking for Affiliates and Sponsorships

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