Second Brain Template

Simplify your life with Second Brain, a Notion template by Easlo that centralizes your tasks, projects, and knowledge into one organized system.
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Second Brain Template


Unlock efficiency and clarity with the Second Brain Notion template, crafted by Notion-certified creator Easlo. This comprehensive tool integrates your tasks, projects, notes, and resources, building on the PARA method for an enhanced productivity experience. It includes a unified dashboard, goal setting, task management, and more, plus lifetime updates and access to an exclusive community. Ideal for students, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to streamline their workflow, Second Brain transforms chaos into clarity.

Second Brain Template

Short Description

Organize Your Life with a Second Brain

Discover a powerful Notion setup that brings together tasks, projects, notes, resources, and more in one place.

Based on Tiago Forte's PARA method, this system has been enhanced to give you a full productivity and knowledge management solution.

What you get:

  • Unified dashboard
  • Setting goals
  • Managing projects and tasks
  • A knowledge database
  • Collection of quotes and key points
  • A list for your readings
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Guides and examples
  • Updates for life
  • Join our special Circle community

Who made this?

Easlo, a Notion expert with certification, is the brain behind the Second Brain template. With two years in the field, he's sold over 600,000 Notion templates, aiming to boost productivity for students, creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to streamline their Notion use.

Turn Confusion into Order with Second Brain!